Saturday, August 20, 2005

Day Fourteen: Getting off the couch

I actually have to begin the process of getting off my ass and getting to work on my old apartment and dumping stuff. I really have to get into it, starting tomorrow (which happens to be my 32nd birthday). But first, tonight, we drink! In (most likely) copious amounts! Woo and hoo!

Tonight's my birthday party. Traditionally, I've had it at my favorite bar in the city: McCoy's. It's the perfect Hell's Kitchen hole in the wall dive, with a kickass jukebox. But it's kind of small, and there's really no way to reserve a lot of space. So I've stepped up a notch and we're taking it to Dalton's (no website out there for them), which is owned by the same fella as McCoy's, a nice Irish guy named Paul. Bigger, better food. Hopefully, people will show up and I'll seem extra cool. Maybe even get a little lucky. We shall see.

I'm thinking about new ways of using this blog. While I like the straight-up journal aspect of it, I want to try to...expand what I do with it, what I write about, how I approach it. Things may get a little bit weird. Just so you know. Or I might start a new one? I don't know. But be prepared. Watch this space.


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