Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Still Trying to Get Going...

But getting there. Sort of. Did a little bit of work today. It's having all of this time on my hands that's the hard part part. My wacky little Christmas show is in the home stretch, so it's at that point when I don't really need to be there. In fact, there's the point in every show when it's best for the playwright to be nowhere near by. The thing is a mess, it's all come apart, the actors look terrible, sound terrible, the whole thing is tettering on the edge of utter failure and it does nothing but make the playwright feel like they should have never written a word or ever, ever gotten out of bed. It's an excruciating feeling. And it's better to just show up for the final dress and feel that feeling like "Wow." That feeling that it's all of a sudden a show. You want to feel that theatrical magic again.

But of course, you want to be the good team player and stick with it, stick with the group as you come around the stretch. I hate that feeling of abandoning the ship, but it's for the best, really.

So now I get set to turn my attention to the next thing. Whatever that is. Actually, I know what I'm looking at. I have a workshop coming up of a new play. Which will be an exciting thing (I hope). And I am supposed to be working on a "commission" (the quotes mean I haven't seen a penny for it) due in the spring. So the dance card is looking pretty full. Which of course means I ain't doing what I'm supposed to be doing until I absolutely, postively have to do it. Hence it's 12:14 a.m., I'm blogging away, and watching highlights of games I don't care about on SportsCenter. Who's got the life?


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