Monday, August 08, 2005

Day Two: How to become a Deadbeat

So I've migrated to the living room. I'd sit on the couch, but it's actually better to sit on the floor and use the couch as a desk. My folks have all of these glass-topped tables in their living room and it makes me a little nervous to type on them. So I'm typing on the couch.

I guess I should give you (my many, many, dozens of millions of readers) a little bit of background on how I've landed here.

Choice. Conscious choice.

See, I've been, well, a model of stability (of sorts) for nearly a decade. I kid you not. I moved to NYC from college ten years ago in January. In that time, I've had two full-time jobs, lived in one apartment (mostly), had two roommates, two phone numbers, haven't been out of NYC for more than a week or two at a time (and, I'm sure, less than three months cumulatively).

I would lose track of friends for months, as it goes, and when I got back in touch with them, it would always go the same way:

Re-discovered Friend: So...what's new with you?

Me: Oh. Well. Nothing really.

R.F.: Still living in the-

Me: Yup. Same place.

R.F.: And you're still working at-

Me: Yeah. New title, but doing the same stuff, really.

R.F.: Ah.

(Long pause. The sound of crushing boredom)

So, I decided to make some changes. Well, a lot of changes. All at once. I left my job, and took a summer gig out of town. I sublet my apartment for the summer and told my landlord I was leaving when my lease is up in September. My summer gig ended on Saturday and I came back to NYC without a job, without a place to live and with virtually no savings.

Sound exciting? Well, it is.

I really don't know how this is going to turn out. I don't know if I can handle this uncertain a life, if I want this, any of it. But, for right now, I'm certainly enjoying the feeling that I don't need to be anywhere or doing anything.

Except getting some breakfast. I could use some breakfast.


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